Prospect Charter School

First Day of School August 28!!!

School Delay, Early Dismissal and/or Closure Procedure

School delay, early dismissal and/or closure. The decision to delay the start of school or to close schools for inclement weather is made by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Even when we choose to keep our schools open, families living in areas temporarily inaccessible may always choose to stay home. The safety and well-being of students and staff are the primary factors.
School closure is challenging decision because our students and staff travel to Prospect from a variety of places (Eagle Point, Shady Cove, Medford, surrounding Prospect, Trail, etc.). We want our students and staff to arrive safely.

Here are some factors we consider when making that decision.

1. We monitor the National Weather Service website. This is the most up-to-date source of meteorological data and projections.
2. Trip Check website,
3. Decision made by neighboring school districts in Jackson and Josephine counties.
4. We monitor our road conditions to determine if we can safely run our bus routes.

How are parents and students informed of a delayed start or closure of school?

Our goal is to have notice of closure or delay posted on our website and announced via our automated system by 6:00 a.m. If the decision is made earlier, we will notify the parents and the media it as soon as we can.

We will also communicate the decision to local radio (KCMX 880, and KMED 1440, KDOV 91.7 Medford/88.1 Grants Pass/107.9 Ashland/Talent,) and TV stations (KDOV, KOBI-5, KTVL-10, and KDRV-12). We will post updates on our website ( ) as weather conditions change.
The Oregon Department of Education requires the following hours by grade level:

Grade 12 966 hours
Grades 9-11 990 hours
Grades K-8 900 hours